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About HAIRemove

HAIRemove exists to give you expert, independent advice when you're making decisions about hair removal. We passionately believe that consumers deserve fair and impartial information to help them decide the safest, most affordable and most appropriate treatment.

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Why hair removal?

Why do we care so much about hair removal? Because we know that unwanted hair is an issue that affects people deeply. It can lead to embarrassment, discomfort, and stress.


Unwanted hair can be distressing when you simply want to get on with enjoying your life. Perhaps you've felt unhappy dressing for the beach, or undressing in front of a partner. You may be fed up of all the frequent shaving, messy waxing, or perennial plucking. You may even feel bombarded by relentless images of models and celebrities with impossibly hairless skin.

A vast and highly profitable industry exists to take advantage of these feelings. Hair removal products and services are sold on the promise of smooth skin, big smiles and pain-free, long-lasting results.

This, in turn, can make consumers rush into decisions without always knowing the best course of action for them.

That's where we come in.

The HAIRemove promise

Expert advice for smooth decisions 


That's our motto, and our promise to our readers. We're independent, not backed by a manufacturer or clinic chain. And that frees us up to give impartial advice that helps you decide what's best for you. 

At HAIRemove, we know that hair removal isn't just about seeking smooth skin. It's also about your money, your safety and comfort, and the satisfaction you'll get from achieving the right results.

Clinics may seek to persuade you to sign up for a months-long course of laser hair treatment, with move-fast offers of big savings. This could cost you thousands of pounds, and results cannot be guaranteed. Manufacturers can market home hair removal devices costing hundreds of pounds and citing "90% effectiveness", when the true test findings tell a very different story.

We're not here to push one specific product or promote one brand. Nor would we rush you into signing up for a course of treatment that may have uncertain results. We want you to feel informed and empowered to decide what's best for you.

A rich consumer testing heritage

HAIRemove was founded by Richard Parris, a consumer products and services expert with a background in publishing and testing. Richard has over 13 years' experience writing and editing in-depth reviews and advice guides, and overseeing consumer product tests in the UK and internationally.

During his career at Which?, the UK's largest independent consumer testing organisation, Richard conducted testing and research across a vast range of products and services.


Richard has worked with expert test labs in the UK, US, Europe and Asia to design test protocols for products as diverse as digital cameras to double-A batteries. While leading a consumer testing and publishing magazine in the Indian market, Richard oversaw tests for everything from hand soaps to washing powders, and from food mixers to product taste tests.


Richard left Which? after a proud career that culminated in him editing the largest-selling tech magazine in the UK. As well as advising readers on the best tech hardware and gadgets, he covered topics from contracts and services, to scams and consumer rights guides.

And another thing about Richard? He's a hairy guy.


Having dabbled with trimming unrequired hair to waxing undesired hair, plus trying clinic and home laser and IPL treatments, Richard could see that there was a gap on the market for plain-speaking, independent advice to help consumers choose the best hair removal products, services and treatments and cut through the same confusion he once had.

How does HAIRemove make money?


Our advice guides and reviews are independent, and not driven by any promotion, sponsorship or advert placement from brands.

Across our site, you will see various links that will take you to retailers selling hair removal products, or to deals sites that may have offers on treatments in your local area. If you click on these links and go on to purchase a product or service, we may receive a small payment from the retail site for referring you as a customer.

If you've read our reviews or advice guides and found they've helped you make a buying decision, you're welcome to click our links and complete your purchase – we'd be grateful if you did!

This never bears any additional cost to you as a purchaser, and doesn't affect the ranking, prominence or promotion of any products or services on our site. 

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