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Just 18% of US Women Willing to Say "Pubic", Survey Finds

According to new research from Gillette Venus, half of US women feel it's more accurate to use the anatomical term "pubic" to describe their pubic hair – yet, just 18% of survey respondents felt comfortable doing so.

Gillette Venus claims it is seeking to throw out outdated, censored, and sometimes downright silly terms for “bikini” or “down there”, and instead encourage women to think in an empowered manner about properly managing pubic hair. Needless to say, there's a new range of Gillette Venus products ready and waiting to help – the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection.

As well as the new product launches, Gillette's parent company, Procter & Gamble, has launched the social media hashtag #SayPubic to encourage women to feel ownership of the term. It has also launched an accompanying animated video and song named #ThePubeSong, and it's...quite something.

#SayPubic and Gillette Venus's Survey Findings

The Pube Song may be catchy (watch out, Hamilton) and the accompanying video is certainly playful, but Gillette feels there's a serious issue to address. According to a 2021 survey of 250 US women conducted by Venus, 56% wish there were more accurate descriptions and imagery in society of women grooming this area of their bodies.

56% of US women wish there were more accurate descriptions and imagery in society of women grooming this area of their bodies – Gillette Venus survey

According to MyAnh Nghiem, Gillette Venus Communications Director, the campaign seeks to "start a new conversation about using language that accurately and respectfully represents the female body.”

New Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection Launches Multiple Products

Of course, Gillette has more than just a new social media campaign up its sleeve – it's also launching no fewer than four new Gillette Venus products to serve the market of women seeking to manage their pubic hair area.

It's a somewhat mixed narrative from Gillette Venus, all in all. On the one hand, it speaks of empowering women to embrace plain-speaking terms rather than "downright silly" ones (its own words). Yet, it's using this conversation to market four new product lines at pretty high expense, each to address different stages of pubic hair management.

The Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection is available as a combination kit for $45, or can be bought as separate elements for $14 each. Let's take a quick look at each in turn:

Skin Smoothing Exfoliant

For use prior to shaving or in-between hair removal days to smooth skin’s surface which can help prevent ingrown hairs. Gillette Venus claims that "the gentle formula exfoliates the skin’s surface to help loosen and sweep away skin cells and oils that can trap hair."

2-in-1 Cleanser Shave Gel

The new shave gel is for use during the shave "to provide a protective layer of glide". It's see through, and 100% soap free. Gillette adds that it "can also be used as a daily skin and hair cleanser."

Razor for Pubic Hair & Skin

This new razor is specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shaving irritation. Its patented Irritation Defence Bar allows blades to remove the hair while barely touching the skin. It includes an ergonomic handle with a sleek design and soft-touch grip for control while shaving.

Daily Soothing Serum

A daily moisturiser that helps soothe skin and reduce itch due to dry skin, and contains a gentle exfoliant to help prevent trapped hairs between shaves. Gillette claims this is superior to regular body lotions, which are often scented and don’t exfoliate.

Products Launched into a Keen Market

...needless to say, that is a lot of product for consumers to consider. But, the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin Collection must be striking a chord – it's already sold out at, though you can sign up for a mailing list for when stock is available.

"More women are dissatisfied with caring for the pubic area than anywhere else on the body," – Gillette Venus Spokesperson

According to an earlier 2019 Gillette Venus survey, 84% of US women choose to remove at least some of their pubic hair in some way.

“We’ve found that more women are dissatisfied with caring for the pubic area than anywhere else on the body, in fact, 56% of US women wish there were more accurate descriptions and imagery in society of women grooming their pubic area,” says Kristin Monaco, a Senior Product Research Engineer for Venus.

“It’s not surprising. Pubic hair is coarse and the skin is delicate, so for many women it requires a different approach to help avoid shave bumps, ingrown hairs, redness, and itchiness.”


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