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The BaByliss Precision Cut Hair Trimmer is extraordinarily cheap at under £25. While this is a handy budget option for a quick trim, it lacks more refined features, and has a long charge-up time.


Where to Buy



  • Extremely cheap

  • Can be used cordless or corded

  • 60 minute battery life

  • Doesn't require extra sets of length adjusters



  • Only 13 length settings

  • Takes 8 hours to charge

  • Not waterproof


When it comes to home hair clippers, the BaByliss Precision Cut Hair Trimmer is pretty much as basic as they come. Given it costs around the £20 mark, you can hardly complain for the lack of features and extras, but do keep in mind, the Precision Cut isn't so much "all singing, all dancing" as "just about holding a tune and tapping its toes."


What's It Good For?


This is a basic trimmer that's okay for trimming facial hair or body hair (though as it's not waterproof, don't try this in the shower).


There are no adaptors provided for different hair lengths. Instead, the single comb attachment can be adjusted to one of 13 length settings – it simply moves up or down the trimmer head to achieve this.


And actually, that's no bad thing, depending on what you're after. In fact, the all-in-one trimmers that require you to switch in or out a dozen different attachments can be off-putting. They leave you with loads of small pieces to keep track of, clean, and store, and the trimmers themselves can cost a lot more than the Precision Cut.


If all you're after is. abasic hair trimmer to keep a beard, sideburns or pubic hair in check, then there's nothing wrong with the attachment-free approach of this cheap little model.


However, there is plenty wrong with the battery inside it.


Battery Time Short, Charging Time Huge


Here's where the picture gets a lot less rosy for the Precision Cut trimmer. On a full charge, you'll get 60 minutes of life out of the battery. That's ok, but nothing great by the standards of a hair trimmer these days.


Now, if all you're looking to do is quickly run the trimmer over your chin whiskers for a few minutes, this may not sound like an issue. But, with a battery life that's so short, you'll find that it depletes between uses more quickly – it may need a charge up far more often than is convenient, or you'll find yourself needing to use it corded now and then.


The shocking thing, though, is how much of a charge time it demands. BaByliss states that the Precision Cut needs eight hours to achieve a full charge.


Just play that back to yourself – charge for eight hours, to achieve a 60 minute run time. That's the kind of batery life you'd expect from an early noughties laptop, not a hair trimmer.


With this major downside, it's truly difficult to recommend the Precision Cut.


Is the BaByliss Precision Cut Hair Trimmer Waterproof?


Nope, unfortunately not.


Perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise given the humble price tag, though you certainly don't need to spend much more to get a waterproof trimmer – the cheapest one we've spotted is the Braun 6-in-1.


Features and Extras


There are none at all, beyond the single comb attachment that's shifted up or down to one of the 13 achievable length settings.


Hey, it's a great little trimmer if you're looking to save on space. But bells and whistles are entirely absent.


Verdict - Should You Buy It?


It's not easy to recommend this trimmer, given the quite staggering charging time required, and lack of waterproofing.

BaByliss Precision Cut Hair Trimmer

£25.00 Regular Price
£20.00Sale Price

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