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If you’re looking for permanent home hair removal...look elsewhere. The no!no! Pro doesn’t promise long-term results, but rather, slower regrowth cycles (so long as you continue to use the device indefinitely). Compared to one of the best IPL or laser devices, the no!no! Pro isn’t an easy product to recommend – not least with its £200+ price point and no promise of permanent hair removal.


Where to Buy



  • Suitable for all hair and skin tones

  • Portable and cordless



  • Doesn’t give (nor promise) permanent results

  • Unconvincing user trial results

  • Poor user reviews and feedback

  • Some slapdash language in the product claims


You can’t knock no!no! when it comes to marketing – its devices, including the no!no! Pro, have made a big impression online, with promises of simple, long-lasting hair removal at home. So, should you join the no!no! club, too? It’s a no (no) from us.


Compared to other home laser and IPL devices, the no!no! Pro falls short, as it can’t offer permanent hair removal. On top of that, we’re unimpressed with some of the casual language used by no!no! when explaining the device’s safety standards and performance.


Breaking Down the Manufacturer Claims


If you’re reading through our IPL and laser hair removal device reviews (and thank you, by the way!), then odds are, you’re looking for permanent hair removal. The no!no! Pro is a bit of an outlier among these products. It’s not an IPL or laser device, and its hair removal isn’t, well, permanent.


In its own claims, no!no! states that after treatment, your hair “will grow back thinner and finer with continued use. If you stop using no!no!, hair may eventually return to its previous pattern.” In effect, you’ll have to keep on using the device as part of an ongoing hair removal routine.


Let’s describe that routine. The no!no! uses what it calls “Thermicon” technology. When you use the no!no! on your skin, a high energy thermodynamic wire singes the surface hair, and conducts heat down into the follicle. You then use a supplied abrasive brush to buff away the "crystalised" hair. With repeated treatments, this weakens the hair follicle and slows regrowth.


But, again, this won’t lead to permanent results. And, according to multiple low user ratings across various retail sites including Amazon and Boots, as well as no!no!’s own site, the device proves ineffective for plenty of users.


Even supplied study data by no!no! gives mixed results. The company cites multiple studies, though these appear to have no consistency of approach that would satisfy criteria for a thorough clinical testing process. One test summary even states that “actual hair growth rates were not measured in this study” – instead, it cites anecdotal and photo-based feedback as evidence of success. 


Further studies cited by no!no! Suggest that for groups of as few as 13 participants, hair reduction of 30% to “a level close to 40%” were recorded after 12 weeks of device use. IPL and home laser hair removal brands frequently cite hair removal results above 90% after 12 weeks, by contrast.


In another instance, the no!no! quotes tests conducted on 10 male subjects, using the no!no! on their legs. When treatments were stopped, according to the study, “a gradual increase in hair counts was observed, returning to baseline value at 15 to 20 weeks after the last treatment.” 


Translation? Three to four months after you stop using the no!no!, you could be right back where you started.


Skin and Hair Type Suitability


One advantage the Thermicon system has over laser or IPL is it can be used on dark skin tones, and light hair types. For darker skinned consumers, home laser hair removal or IPL isn’t usually possible.


Of course, this isn’t much of an advantage if the no!no! Pro itself fails to have the intended impact, or leaves users having to keep on using the product.


Is the no!no! Pro Safe to Use?


Thermicon isn’t a technology used in clinical hair removal treatments in salons. As it’s no!no!’s own proprietary tech, we were keen to see what safety claims and approvals it had.


The manufacturer’s site leaves a lot to be desired in this regard. The slapdash language, which may be poorly translated, comes across as unprofessional and unconvincing for consumers looking for serious-minded safety reassurance. Want an example? How’s this: 


Can no!no! give you skin cancer?

  • No. no!no! does not use any form of cancer


That’s an actual FAQ from the no!no! website – we didn’t cut short the supplied answer, either (we’ve even screengrabbed it, above). 


Verdict - Should You Buy It?


Just say no to no!no! – with unconvincing evidence of success, poor user reviews, sloppy standards in its safety reassurance and no guarantee of permanent results, we wouldn’t recommend the no!no! Pro at all.

no!no! Pro Hair Removal Device Review


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