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The Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is the smallest home laser hair removal device you can buy. More than that, it's an actual, genuine laser hair removal machine, as opposed to an IPL device. If you're looking to treat small areas and get permanent hair reduction, it's a compact, affordable choice.


Where to Buy



  • Actual laser hair removal (not IPL)

  • Ideal for small areas 

  • Cordless

  • FDA-approved



  • Very small head makes progress slow-going

  • Not suited to large areas

  • Recommended soothing gel is an expensive extra


Tria has got the home laser hair removal game sewn up – unlike rival products from brands such as Braun, Philips, no!no! or Remington, this is the bonafide real deal: laser, not IPL, hair removal.


There's nothing "wrong" with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – it's a tried and tested method for getting permanent hair reduction, and you can get IPL in a clinic, or use a home IPL device. But, despite IPL products being sold as "laser hair removal" devices, they're a different type of tech.


The Tria Precision (and its larger cousin, the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X) are “true” laser hair removal products for home use. The downside? The tiny focus area means you won't be able to cover much ground, very quickly. Think "upper lip", not "lower legs".


Breaking Down the Manufacturer Claims


Tria claims the Precision uses “the same diode laser technology preferred by professional salons” – and that’s true, to a point. This is indeed laser hair removal, not IPL, which is the tech used by most other manufacturers of home “laser” devices.


On top of this, Tria also states its tech has “three times more hair eliminating energy than any other at-home hair removal device”. Sounds good, but let’s take a moment to explain how this works in practice.


One look at the Tria Precision against devices from Braun, Philips or Remington (all IPL) and you’ll spot a key difference straight away. That is, the Tria’s “head”, where the laser is emitted from, is tiny compared to the light windows on rival devices (typically 3cm squared to 4cm squared). So, back to Tria’s claims – its energy may indeed be higher than that emitted by rivals, but it’s far more focused into a smaller area.


This means that the Tria will be truly slow-going for doing, say, your legs, abdomen or a male chest (consider an IPL device for those, though their weaker output may mean you’ll need more sessions). The Tria is ideal, though, for smaller areas such as the upper lip, bikini line or armpit.


Tria’s laser tech targets the pigment at the root of the hair follicle. In effect, this permanently reduces a hair follicle’s ability to regrow. Tria claims its device can reduce up to 70% of unwanted hair after just two treatments in as few as three months. As ever, these results will vary tremendously depending on your hair and skin type, and the area you are treating. For instance, finer hairs above your lip will respond very differently to coarse hairs around the bikini line.


If you’re patient enough to work through regular cycles of usage, you will indeed see results (provided you meet the skin and hair colour criteria recommended – see more, below).


Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? See our full explainer guide


Features and Extras


The Tria Precision is cordless, something you'll never see from an IPL device at an equivalent price point. It's ideal for quick and casual use and easy to manoeuvre around tricky areas such as your armpits, upper lip or bikini line.


The Precision is so small, however, that you'll likely be deterred quite quickly from attepting to zap your legs – put simply, you'll be at it forever. It may "work", but you're in for a long haul.


If you're looking to tackle unwanted hair on your upper lip, armpit, around the bikini line – or, if you'd like to zero in or recurring ingrowing hairs – then the Precision lives up to its name. It's ideal for small areas.


There aren’t many extras bundled in, though you can opt for a set which includes a tube of Tria’s Calming Soothing Gel. This helps to numb the skin in preparation for a session with the Tria device.


Users warn that the higher intensity settings can be uncomfortable at first, and recommend starting at the lower settings. Of course, you can slap on some of that Calming Soothing Gel, but at a somewhat jaw-dropping £49 a tube of just 150ml, you may want to go easy (or grin and bear it).


Skin and Hair Type Suitability


The Tria device is FDA-approved as safe to use, which is always reassuring. However, Tria warns that its products aren’t suited to those with very dark skin, or with very light hair.


Sadly, just as with home IPL machines, dark skin is risky with this device, as the higher levels of melanin absorb the heat from the laser – instead, you want it focused on the hair. Light hair (white, blonde, or red) will also be less suited, as it doesn’t absorb the light and heat from the laser.


Verdict - Should You Buy It?


The Tra Precision is a rare thing – an actual home laser hair removal device (not an IPL product). It's small, cordless, convenient, and one of the cheaper products around. Would you want to tackle a full chest area or legs with it? You'd be there forever. But, for smaller zones or focusing on problematic ingrown hairs, it's an excellent product.


Where to Buy

Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision Review

£235.00 Regular Price
£134.00Sale Price

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