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Richard is the founder and editor of HAIRemove, and the author of the site's core advice guides, reviews and articles.

Richard is an expert in testing and publishing on consumer products and services. He has over 13 years of experience writing and editing product reviews and advice, and overseeing consumer product tests and customer surveys in the UK and internationally.

During his career at Which?, the UK's largest independent consumer testing organisation, Richard conducted testing and research across a vast range of products and services.

Richard has worked with expert test labs in the UK, US, Europe and Asia to design test protocols for products as diverse as TVs to tablets, and digital cameras to double-A batteries. While leading a consumer testing and publishing magazine in the Indian market, Richard oversaw tests for everything from hand soaps to washing powders, and from food mixers to product taste tests, and customer satisfaction surveys of products, services and even airlines.

Richard left Which? after a proud career that culminated in him editing the largest-selling technology magazine in the UK. As well as advising readers on the best tech hardware and gadgets, he covered topics from contracts and services, to scams and consumer rights guides.

And another thing about Richard? He's a hairy guy.

From his own experience trimming unrequired hair, waxing undesired hair, and testing clinical and home laser and IPL treatments, Richard could see that there was a gap on the market for plain-speaking, independent advice to help consumers choose the best hair removal products, services and treatments – and cut through the same confusion he once had.

That's why in 2021, Richard launched HAIRemove. As an independent source of hair removal product and service recommendations, backed by expert clinical study citations, Richard is confident that HAIRemove's expert advice will help you make confident decisions for smooth results.

Richard Parris

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