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The I-Light ESSENTIAL is the cheapest home hair removal machine from Remington, and it promises smooth, hair-free skin in as few as three treatments. We’ll delve into that claim in our full review, below, and explain if this is as good a value device as it first appears.


Where to Buy



  • Low cost home IPL device

  • Five energy settings

  • Decent size 3cm squared flash window



  • 150,000 flash lifespan is less than some competitors

  • Not widely available


The IPL6250 I-Light ESSENTIAL is Remington’s cheapest home IPL machine, and, though it isn’t now widely stocked by the likes of Boots and Currys, it can be tracked down at Amazon at a pretty competitive price point.


We’d argue it’s decent value, but a less sophisticated home IPL machine than those sold by Philips, and with a shorter lifespan than similarly priced models from Braun.


Breaking Down the Manufacturer Claims


Remington claims with the IPL6250 I-Light ESSENTIAL you can enjoy “Permanent results in three treatments” thanks to its ProPulse IPL technology.


First, let’s clear up a little potential confusion. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) isn’t the same as laser hair removal. In fact, most devices sold as “laser hair removal” for home use are, in fact, IPL. Is that a bad thing? Not at all. IPL can be highly effective (it’s even used in clinics as an alternative to laser), plus, it’s a faster process than doing a session of laser hair removal, thanks to the larger light windows on IPL devices.


So, can the I-Light ESSENTIAL deliver permanent results with just three treatments? Digging into Remington’s claim, it’s worth tempering your expectations. Remington’s study found an average of 66% hair removal following a course of three treatments, with results holding even 12 months on. That’s encouraging, but the likely results you’ll see yourself will depend greatly on the colour of your skin and hair, the body area you are targeting, and how coarse the hair is there. In short, you may find you need more than three treatments to see successful results.


Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? See our full explainer guide


Features and Extras


The I-Light ESSENTIAL offers five different intensity settings, with the strongest one being better suited to light skin and less sensitive areas (ideal for the legs, but less so for the armpits). Unlike rivals from Braun and Philips, it doesn’t offer a continuously operating skin-type sensor to optimise the power as it goes – though, this may not be an essential feature for anyone happy to decide their own settings.


The flash window is a decent size at 3cm squared, though this is smaller than the 4cm squared ones you’ll find on the Philips Lumea devices.


Remington says the device will last for 150,000 flashes. While that sounds like plenty, keep in mind that the bulb can’t be changed – once it’s done, the device is done. And, though the I-Light ESSENTIAL is low cost, the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 3 is in a similar price range, and that offers 300,000 flashes.


The I-Light ESSENTIAL isn’t cordless, though you typically need to spend quite a bit more for a cordless device. The main controls are on the base, which connects to the handset via the cord.


Skin and Hair Type Suitability


As with all home IPL devices, the I-Light ESSENTIAL is ideal for those with light skin and dark hair. Remington warns it will be less effective on dark skin, and on white, grey, red or light blonde hair.


Verdict - Should You Buy It?


The I-Light ESSENTIAL undercuts plenty of rival devices on price, and for many, will present an attractive IPL device for home use. Our only caution would be it’s more basic than rival devices (fine for the price) and has a lifespan half that of competitors that are only a little more expensive.


Where to Buy

Remington I-Light ESSENTIAL Review


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